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Thursday, November 11, 2010

My long and winding Road, has lead me here.

My last entry was in July. Looking back, I realize just how long I'd been walking uphill. I was tired. I was always tired.

SO...... I looked inward and had a glance outward too-yikes! and summoned the help of the infamous Dr. Bernstein. I decided I was not going to be fat and tired anymore. My inner pou-pounne was screaming to be let out-after all she IS a Montreal girl!!!!

Three months and 40 pounds later (I confess, that its only 35 pounds now--- post Portugal) I AM BACK.

I am a whirling dervish again. I am a fashionista again! NO MORE STANDING IN FRONT OF MY CLOSET WONDERING WHAT TO WEAR TO HIDE THE MUFFIN TOP. Egads, I was soooo tired of that daily ceremony. No more spending too much time and money on 'accessories' because I wouldn't admit to myself or the salesgirl that I need a size, well, er, um, 12 or 14 please?

I am free. (insert picture of snoopy dancing here)

Sheesh, it feels so good to share some good news for a change.


  1. I have been missing your blog and sooo glad to read such an upbeat one! Wooo Woo! And so glad 'you' are back :)

  2. Oh, meant to add, I LOVE the photo!