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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh such a sight.....beh, WHO CARES?

As you all know, I am becoming secretly addicted to my local gym, actually having quite an intimate affair with treadmill #3 at least 4 times a week. (P., it seems, has never been THAT lucky!!!!!)

I have taken to leaving work and going straight to the gym. Trust me, if I should go home, my body instinctively heads for the bed and the remote and I am toast for the remainder of the evening. Sad, but true.

I change out of my "9 to 5's" and like Superman, put on my "work-out" duds, and am transformed. No longer Marge 40-something quickly on her way to 50-something...........Nope. I become "SUPER MARGE OF THE TREADMILL" able to motor at 4.2mph at a 6.0 incline!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHH.

I get so lost within the lyrics (usually of Eminem) that I forget where I am and most importantly what I'm doing. I actually caught myself drumming to the music yesterday. eesh. I'm sure the cyclists DIRECTLY behind me were simultaneously chuckling and thanking God that I was not THEIR mother. Again,eesh. But that feeling is oh so fleeting......Because I am no longer 30-something and therefore, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN WHAT People are thinking!!!!

So you see all you "grasshoppers" out there......growing "older" does have its advantages.