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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh such a sight.....beh, WHO CARES?

As you all know, I am becoming secretly addicted to my local gym, actually having quite an intimate affair with treadmill #3 at least 4 times a week. (P., it seems, has never been THAT lucky!!!!!)

I have taken to leaving work and going straight to the gym. Trust me, if I should go home, my body instinctively heads for the bed and the remote and I am toast for the remainder of the evening. Sad, but true.

I change out of my "9 to 5's" and like Superman, put on my "work-out" duds, and am transformed. No longer Marge 40-something quickly on her way to 50-something...........Nope. I become "SUPER MARGE OF THE TREADMILL" able to motor at 4.2mph at a 6.0 incline!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHH.

I get so lost within the lyrics (usually of Eminem) that I forget where I am and most importantly what I'm doing. I actually caught myself drumming to the music yesterday. eesh. I'm sure the cyclists DIRECTLY behind me were simultaneously chuckling and thanking God that I was not THEIR mother. Again,eesh. But that feeling is oh so fleeting......Because I am no longer 30-something and therefore, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN WHAT People are thinking!!!!

So you see all you "grasshoppers" out there......growing "older" does have its advantages.


  1. At's my girl; so proud and can't wait to tackle running hills together again at Christmas not to mention tossing that heavy ball thing back and forth to each other in between drinking crantinis.

  2. the difference between this post and earlier ones is simply great!

  3. I'm trundling towards 40 and loving the who cares feeling that is gathering momentum.