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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Random thoughts about not so random things.

Weight: Last week.

Dread. Been avoiding mirrors in fear of seeing that fat-morphed-me taunt me again. God I hate that bitch.
Bought a "spanx". F***!

Weight: This week.
Started to DO SOMETHING about it. Still wearing my "spanx" but down on the scale. Got inspiration now....

Holiday: Last week

Honestly green with envy at reading all of my facebook friends' entries about trips taken, or trips pending.

Holiday: This week
Going to Portugal!!!! Gonna make some memories of my own with my Mama and my sissy. Cannot, will not, have people yelling to "free Willy!" as I walk down the beach. No, no, that will not do.

Menopause: Last week

Still riding that roller-coaster, hanging on for dear life some days, swinging a machete others. Meh, whaddya gonna do, right?

Menopause: This week
Just bought another ticket to ride.......

Life has had its fair share of ups and downs lately. Getting older is certainly not for the faint of heart.

I honestly thought that having 3 children under 6 was the hardest period of my life. There were days that I felt like a trapped animal, ready to chew off my own foot for that elusive sense of "freedom". Days when if one more child uttered the word "Mo-ooom" I would have donated my ears to science. I could not wait until they were all older and less dependant on ME. HA! Little did that young, foolish me know that along with that independence comes free will, and, God forbid, thoughts of their own. Thoughts I certainly did NOT put there. Now don't get me wrong-I do have alot more "me" time these days. And they ARE more independent.

But, would it be so bad if they "needed" me a little? Just a little?

See ya in a few pounds!!!!!

ps. Update on smoking. Still smoke-free. Not missing it.


  1. Great posting Willy oh my god, spare me. Glad about Portugal, now if you could just swing through Geneva on your way in and out that'd be perfect. Donated your ears to science, ha ha, almost did that tonight too during England-USA World Cup game, groan, but I hear you, I still wouldn't trade it. Little kids and little problems eh? Glad to catch up on you and so looking forward to exercising together again in a few short months :) xxx

  2. I like your style lady!

    And my turn to be green with envy about your trip! Have a marvelous time when you go!