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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Horror-House of mirrors.....AAAGGGGGHHHHHH!

....Coming on 3 months.

Coming on 12 pounds.

Somethings gotta give.

The old adage about plump people being "jolly" is false.

I am NOT jolly.

I am, however, plump.

My clothes pinch.

I feel puffy.

Don't wanna smoke. AT all.

Wanna eat.

Sugary, chocolatey stuff.

You know, plump-people feel-good food.

I love the me that has quit.

I hate the me I see in the mirror.

I need an out-of body experience.

Like me in a pool at the gym.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Simon says.....QUIT SMOKING!".....and poof

Oh what a beautiful chain of events.

I decided that August 31st was THE day. I Smoked my last cigarette, made
the announcement , took a deep cleansing breath and actually quit smoking.

Good for me, right?

Yes, but not just me. Let me explain.

I think that people who know me were, to say the very least, skeptical on the merits of my "big announcement." In other words, been there, heard THAT before.........

But when my head didn't actually explode, and one smoke-free week became two and so on, those same people realized that "by George, maybe the old girl HAS done it after all?!" (OK, so NO ONE I KNOW WOULD ever UTTER SUCH A SENTENCE, but it sounds good, so bear with me.)

One group in particular took notice. My smoking buddies.

One by one it seems they have quit. My colleagues at work. Once we were 3 smokers, now we are none. My brother-in-law (who was almost a 2-pack a day smoker), my sister, have all become non-smokers.

I am not taking credit for this wonderful chain of events. Not at all.

But I do think that everybody DID take notice and through their skepticism was born the simple realization that "if M can do it, then I can too."

I did it.

They're all doing it.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I will follow you.....follow you wherever you may go.


My eldest son is presently fighting for a National Soccer title in Toronto. My daughter has taken to waking at 5ish and running! My youngest son goes to a sport school and plays on the #1 soccer team in our province. My husband, I swear, is addicted to exercise. Hell, even our 2 cats BEG to go out to frolic and run around!!!!!

I really cannot beat them! Let's face it, I can't even catch up to them.

No choice anymore................I must join them.

"Oy "

I am on day 3 of my new exercise regime. (ha, not much of a regime, mind you) but what the hell, humor me, ok?

Sunday=45 minute brisk walk.

Monday=30 minute brisk early morning walk.

Tuesday=so far, a 10 minuter lunch break walk. Plus a pep talk from my #1 in-shape BIG brother.

Others try to shame, encourage and motivate me. But it all falls on my deaf ears.

Except for these 2 people.

One is my very own "quit smoking" cheerleader, my first devoted reader, my sister-in-law. She embraced exercise a few years ago and it has rewarded her with not only a killer figure but better mental health. She looks as good on the outside as she says she feels on the inside. For crying out loud, she runs marathons now!

The other is my BIG brother. Not only because I have always trusted and looked up to him, but because he was EXACTLY where I am now about 7 or 8 years ago. He KNOWS, really knows everything I am feeling.

He looks amazing. Slim, fit, healthy.

He told me not to give up. Take it one day-one mile at a time. If one day you feel tired, don't do much, but still get out there and DO SOMETHING. After all something is always better than nothing, right?

I will keep trying. I will keep walking. I will not give up.

Even if its raining, and its cold and I'm tired........"somethings better than nothing".........."somethings better than nothing"........... repeat 10x AND GET OUT THERE!!!!!

"Oy vay"