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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Simon says.....QUIT SMOKING!".....and poof

Oh what a beautiful chain of events.

I decided that August 31st was THE day. I Smoked my last cigarette, made
the announcement , took a deep cleansing breath and actually quit smoking.

Good for me, right?

Yes, but not just me. Let me explain.

I think that people who know me were, to say the very least, skeptical on the merits of my "big announcement." In other words, been there, heard THAT before.........

But when my head didn't actually explode, and one smoke-free week became two and so on, those same people realized that "by George, maybe the old girl HAS done it after all?!" (OK, so NO ONE I KNOW WOULD ever UTTER SUCH A SENTENCE, but it sounds good, so bear with me.)

One group in particular took notice. My smoking buddies.

One by one it seems they have quit. My colleagues at work. Once we were 3 smokers, now we are none. My brother-in-law (who was almost a 2-pack a day smoker), my sister, have all become non-smokers.

I am not taking credit for this wonderful chain of events. Not at all.

But I do think that everybody DID take notice and through their skepticism was born the simple realization that "if M can do it, then I can too."

I did it.

They're all doing it.



  1. Never underestimate the power of your convictions and the effect that they have on others. Clearly articulating your experience through your blog has also made the experience more real and more 'out there' and maybe that helped as well. Regardless, good for all of you, though I am especially proud of you; I know how hard this was. Well done! ...and looking forward to our run/walks at Christmas. xx

  2. I am looking to "follow" your lead on the exercise front Kik. Seriously. I need you to push me EVERYDAY that you are here to get out there and walk/run with you. I know you'll leave me in the dust as you run, but nonetheless we'll "meet up" on your way back. I am SO looking forward to seeing you, it's been a lonnnnnnnnnng year somehow......