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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Horror-House of mirrors.....AAAGGGGGHHHHHH!

....Coming on 3 months.

Coming on 12 pounds.

Somethings gotta give.

The old adage about plump people being "jolly" is false.

I am NOT jolly.

I am, however, plump.

My clothes pinch.

I feel puffy.

Don't wanna smoke. AT all.

Wanna eat.

Sugary, chocolatey stuff.

You know, plump-people feel-good food.

I love the me that has quit.

I hate the me I see in the mirror.

I need an out-of body experience.

Like me in a pool at the gym.



  1. Oh darling, I have been there! Don't worry, firstly, we love every inch of you and secondly I'll get you moving for 2 weeks at Christmas and then I'll set you up with a plan to keep you going. You WILL feel better. In any case, important life task #1: ACCOMPLISHED, life task #2 WORK IN PROGRESS. xx