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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year

It's over.

Presents bought, tree trimmed, house decorated, turkey stuffed, eaten AND thrown out.

Some guests have gone home, some remain.

Memories were made.

2010. A year of contrasts. High highs and low lows.

Many laughs, a few tears. Many lessons learned, some taught.

I am reminded today, of all the blessings I have.

They go not unobserved or unappreciated.

Blessings sometimes are just not where you always had them before. They move about, they change.

I guess we all move about and change.

2011 should be an interesting year then.

A real 'mover' and 'shaker'.

I wish you all the very best, in this brand-new, clean-slate, perfect-so-far, year.
(Don't screw it up!)

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