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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mister, can you lend a hand.

The December "folly" is over and finally paid for.  (amen) 

January "blues" done.

February "crazy-back-home-for Mom's-bday-mad rush"   fini.

OK March.  SO far, I must say you've been a bit of a roller-coaster.  It feels like all I hold dear is testing me.  There is discord in my world.  Things I hold VERY near and dear are tangled, short-circuiting all around me.  

I have decided to forge onward, trudging if I have to.   I will happily carry my baggage and will even lend a helping hand to someone who needs to give their arms a break from their heavy load, but I cannot-must not-WILL not,  pretend to be strong enough to carry it all.     I know what weight I can bear and what's just too heavy.  I am dropping the baggage I cannot carry as of today.

Feels mighty good..........lighter.

....AND not a craving in sight!  NO, not even for chocolate cheesecake!  HA!


  1. Discord beyond what we briefly chatted about last night? Do we need a phone conversation? Ya got me worried now!

  2. I remember the sage words of my Mama....little kids, little problems......
    Not too too much really. Mostly just VERY dissappointed. Give me a call, we'll talk.