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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Olympics withdrawal.............almost as bad as tobacco withdrawal.

It's over. 

Who am I going to live vicariously through now?   What's going to tug at  my heartstrings on a daily basis and make me weep, real tears, of both joy and sorrow?  Who will I holler and cheer for on my TV screen, now that the Canadian athletes have all gone back home? 

Canadian pride?  Never knew I had so much in me, eh?  I always guffawed at the "heart-holding" patriotism of my American neighbours-but now that my heart has been in MY THROAT for the last 2 weeks, I understand the sentiment.  I have never ever watched the Olympics with much enthusiasm,  somehow always remained "detached" from all the hoopla.  But when I saw the Northern Lights and then the Orcas and the Prairies homage on my screen-I felt like a proud parent, showing my baby off to the world.

Maybe it's because I have lived in the True North,  and in Prairie-like small towns and big cities in Alberta as well as the West Coast, those images are part of MY fabric now,  I felt overcome.  I have seen the splendour of  the Northern Lights, I have felt the beauty northern isolation.  I have revelled in the warmth of a Chinook and have experienced both the sheer vastness of the canola fields and have felt the embrace of the Rocky Mountains.   I wonder at the beauty and everlasting foliage of my new beloved West Coast.
And I never forget that I was born in a truly "distinctive" province.  I am proud to be part french-candian.

So you see, I was doomed before it even started.  Who knew that the "human" spirit would be so challenged, so compelling?    I have never ever felt the struggle, perseverance, panic, joy and the pain of a stranger as I have in these past 2 weeks.  I was privvy to glimpses of sorrow the likes of which I have not yet experienced, thankfully.   I was along for the hurrays! and the celebratory hugs, the trepidation and then the relief, the excruciating wait for times and judges votes.   It was a great ride.

I don't know Tessa, or Joannie,  I will never be able to tell Sidney Crosby  how happy I was that he scored the winning goal, but I will carry a little bit of that "torch", that feeling of renewed pride for all things Canadian for my lifetime.

....And it doesn't get any better than that!


  1. OMG Marge; this posting is so great; I sooooo get it and I am so glad that you did too! I am only sorry that I couldn't watch it all on CBC and NBC to get even further invested with all of the athlete profiles and backstories. TSR and Eurosport was a little too clinical. And as for the GAME; I think I lost 10 years off my life at the end of the 3rd period but gain back 20 thanks to Sid the Kid. xxxx

  2. What a wonderful description! We were glued to the TV here as well...Nate was relegated to the basement if he needed to watch cartoons. We suffer from underfunding and undersupport here in Canada, and yet our athletes did an amazing job and I am so proud! And yes, it was a great opportunity to showcase our country to the world!