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Thursday, March 11, 2010

He aint heavy.....

Sorry for bringing you down.

It's just good to vent sometimes, that's all.

Not 1 hour after my tale of woe hit the internet super-highway, I received a comment quickly followed by a phonecall from my beloved C.  Then my oldest friend in the world (and I mean this in the NICEST way K.) read my blog and called.

Once again I am reminded of just how blessed I really am, baggage and all........

"Life is not about how well you have weathered the storm, It's about how well you danced in the rain"

I've got alot to dance about!

(Dancing IS exercise, right C?)  ;)


  1. Sometimes just putting 'it' out there is all it takes to lessen the load. Having someone else know what is going on, acknowledging your frustrations...big time important :)

    I hope that things improve...No...I KNOW they will!