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Sunday, September 6, 2009

There's a bit of parsley stuck between your teeth.....

Day 6.

Lasted unitl 11:30 am before I had to put the patch on. Didn't bite anybody's head off, maybe had a nibble or two on my hubby's bald crown (but trust me, that has nothing to do with quitting smoking). That, my friends is about being with the same man for over 32 years. EESH......that subject I will leave for my next blog.

Quite frankly, I thought I was being downright cotton-candy sweet, until my patient, encouraging, in-my-corner-daughter, gently reminded me that "perhaps" just "perhaps" it was time for me to put my patch on. " WHY??????" I clenched through my teeth? "Am I acting like I'm in a bad mood?" "Oh nooooo Mom its, umm, just that its almost noon and"....... OK OK I don't need a mack truck to hit me. I get it. Thanks for telling me that there's parsley stuck between my teeth before I make an even bigger fool of myself. Point taken.

We spent the rest of the day happily, smoke-freely, shopping for back-to school clothes for my youngest. And believe it or not HE LIKED EVERYTHING I CHOSE FOR HIM! YES! Touchdown! (Im doing a little jig right now)

Then....still high from my day, my "in-my -corner daughter" asks me to stop at the gas station. No problem sais I. Pregnant pause. Elephant pregnant pause in the car. "Er, Mom, would you please go in and buy me some smokes. (she physically cringes at this point, seriously, shutting her eyes tight and waiting for the explosion) I am stunned. Speechless, but not for long. Trust me. ARE YOU FOR REAL?

I went in and bought her cigarettes. Bad, bad mother. I know. But I refuse to be one of those high and mighty, condescending people I hated when I was a smoker. Oh, you know the ones, the cursed looks, the fake cough as they walk by. Even worse are reformed smokers who preach and don't remember that they too were part of the 'undesirables' once. We talked all the way home about quitting and she is resolved to try and cut down in the hopes of being a quitter one day too. Soon. Baby steps. Hopefully, a seed has been planted.

I apologize for the rant yesterday. I re-read it today and realized that between my PMS and the big "quit" going on, I was a bit, well, er, hard on certain offspring.....

I warned them about the dragon lady, maybe I should have an Emergency Warning System broadcast when she is

My bad.

I'll be better tomorrow, I hope.

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