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Monday, September 7, 2009

A little sugar, a little salt....

Day 7. No patch. HUNGRY AS HELL.

Today was an experiment of sorts. Could I go an entire day without a steady stream of nicotine entering my body. The answer is yes. All day.

HOWEVER, my ingenious, connniving, treacherous, turn-coat of a body craved something else. Food. And lots of it. It didn't care if it was sweet, salty, hard, soft or even fresh.

Thank God I am still cleansing.

I fed it. And fed it. And then fed it again. All day.

So--" na na na boo-boo", body, heh heh , sorry I didn't give you your usual fare of cakes and cookies and chips!!!!! I indulged you, yes, but with "cleanse" stuff (gag) all day long. Needless to say I cannot wait to just go to bed in anticipation of a better day tomorrow. Fingers and toes...

No complaints from the family today. I think I played nice in the sand. My mouth was too full to speak maybe.....



  1. Well if it's any comfort, my nasty, mean turn-coat of a body demands food all day long too and I'm not quitting an addiction! Good job, you're at one week - fantastic. And don't worry too much about playing nice with the family; at this point, they should be playing nice with YOU. Keep it up, you're doing great, your body thanks you, your friends thank you, your family thanks you and your loyal sis-in-law thanks you.

  2. Thank God for my sista-in-law ;-) You are my # 1 favorite supporter. Were you a cheerleader in high school? You and R and Bamma Lamma have been most kind and encouraging. Here's to the "T".... women. You rock! And I love you all very much. xoxoxoxox