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Thursday, September 24, 2009

If loving you is wrong...I don't wanna be right!

Week 3 and 3/4!

I spoke with a colleague from work today. She's sick as a dog. Has been for 7 days. Fever, chills, sore throat, sore muscles. You name it, she has it.

She's also a smoker. About half of a pack a-day smoker, to be exact.

We had the strangest conversation.. Only you "real" hard-core puffers will relate to this.

Me: How ya doing?
Her: I want to die!
Me: Tell me you're NOT smoking!?
Her: I keep trying, but they just taste awful.


The passing of Patrick Swayze made me reflect upon this. I saw him give an interview with Barbara Walters the other night, where he admitted to her that he had not given up smoking--even after being handed down, what is no less than a death sentence from his Doctors. He saw the incredulous look upon her face to which he replied. "Look Barbara, I am dealing with enough stuff right now, I can't add quitting smoking to the list."

To millions of non-smokers out there, that comment was construed as ridiculous, weak, and showed a total lack of discipline on Mr Swayze's part. I could hear the spurned sighs of millions of viewers after he said that.


As if all of us would not completely immerse ourselves in our guilty little pleasures given those same circumstances.

I would be at the corner convenience store in a flash....indulging.

Or would I?

I can't say for sure anymore.

But I can say to Mr. Swayze, that I understood him, and didn't for one second judge him. I'm happy that he had something comforting, something from his life before the big almighty CANCER took it over, to enjoy.....

He knew the smoking wasn't helping his cause, but can you really help a lost cause?????

R.I.P Mr. Swayze

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