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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day Two-Resolve still strong

Day two-hour 27. So far so good. I daren't take off the incredibly itchy patch though.

I must say that yesterday was relatively easy, as is today, so far. My workmate goes out to "have a puff" and I haven't had the urge to tackle or disfigure her at all------------yet. My mission is to get her to quit too, misery SO does love company.

Did I mention that I am doing a full body cleanse at the same time? This was the suggestion of my boss, who is annoyingly slim and healthy. It helps. Lord knows I cannot permit myself the 20-oreo a day addiction I indulged in the last time I quit. There's already an extra 20 pounds on me since then. Sigh.

Did I also mention that I am premenopausal? I wasn't kidding about the disfigurement. .... Oh to be a middle-aged woman on the outside and still feel like a 23 year old on the inside...... the injustice! I'm hoping that quitting may slow down all those ugly lines now appearing with lightning speed around my lips and in the corners of my eyes. Look, that's the fantasy, so just nod politely and agree, ok?

The best thing about writing this blog, is all the encouragement I am receiving. Heartfelt testimonies that people have taken the time and effort to share with me. Thank-you so much. Your words and experiences have not fallen on deaf ears...

And so, I will continue on with my day and hopefully will make today another day I chose NOT to smoke. (Thanks Betty)

So far, no casualties.

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  1. Congratulations, you're doing great. I think that you have a natural talent for writing, you are hilarious, heartfelt, and observant with a wonderful choice of words. Keep it up, expressing yourself will help with the inner stress. So....exactly what is a body cleanse, please tell me it doesn't involve a really long hose...