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Friday, January 15, 2010

The Oprah canundrum.....It is to me anyways.

A year or so ago, I watched an interview with Oprah Winfrey, cajillionaire (sp?) philanthropist, megastar, media QUEEN, political animal, Hollywood producer and actress, television mogul. Sans pareil, really, in the entertainment industry.

I was dumbstruck by a comment she made. When asked about how she feels "inside" about all the really important work she does, and all the important, influential people she meets, all the aide and money she donates to numerous charities, she looked square into the camera and said "I'd exchange it all if I could only be thin." Silence.

No matter how "others" perceive her, she always feels like she doesn't quite measure up......Oprah. Winfrey. Unfathomable.

I am on my way back "home" to my family for a celebration of my Mother's 80th birthday.

Feeling a bit Opraish about the whole thing......

I am not comparing who I am or what I do to Oprah (duh) but I do know how she feels "inside".

I am a confident, well-rounded, grounded woman. Secure in my values and thoughts and beliefs. I rarely second-guess my decisions and I like what I see in the mirror---mostly.

My family love me. But I am feeling a tad "fragile" these days. Funny how being with people who truly love you can bring out your innermost being a little kid again and needing reassurances. I'm sure there are books devoted to this syndrome, but let's not go there.

I have to get over this. It is definetely foolish and screams of someone "navel gazing" and I HATE NAVEL GAZERS!!!!!!!!

Time to tuck in the muffin-top, and get on with it.

There now...............I feel better already.


  1. Marge, you aren't alone and neither is Oprah and I'm with ya on the insecurity part. The only thing I can tell you is that doing SOMETHING about feeling better physically will help you feel better about yourself and look better outside at the same time. You CAN do it :)

  2. Thanks Jen.....I did have a wee breakthrough this week-end. I'll write all about it tomorrow.
    Kik tells me you too are a fellow blogger and she aslo tells me yu are a fabulous blogger....where is your blog? May I read it?
    Thnaks again....we'll get there, huh?

  3. You bet we'll get there :)

    Yes, I blog and I sent you an invitation as mine isn't open to the public; if it hasn't gotten to you I will resend...and I wouldn't say I'm a fab blogger at all, I just write what I feel.

    Congrats on your break through !