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Monday, October 26, 2009

Exercise a no show last week.


7 more days have come and gone without "getting into shape." Oh, how I hate those 3 little words. They sound so easy. 'Getting into shape.' They're not even menacing like BEING IN SHAPE or GOD FORBID Staying in Shape. No --- they're gentle and promising, merely, 'getting' into shape. No expectations, no fait accomplis attached. Just getting there, that's all.

I have never thought of myself as lazy before. Truth be known I'm downright slothful......the epitome of laziness when it comes to exercise.

I can stand on my feet for 12 hours cooking, baking, creating feasts. I can organize events down to the last minute detail. I can run my children all over town -all day long. I can do all these 3 things simultaneously if I had to. Honestly I could.

Go ahead, ask me to go for an hours walk. I will come up with a million excuses, turn around, grab something out of the fridge, plop myself on the couch and just sit there.

Its a loathing that surprises even me.

I either need a phychiatrist or a crane.

I wish I could spout my old baby steps rhetoric at you, but hell, Im still in infancy on this one.


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