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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hmph....."better the devil you know".....I wonder

My sage Mother always uses this quote. Usually after I've complained about some inane infraction involving my husband. "Oh well dear........better the devil you know...." I think she got the quote from my paternal Grandmother. Sounds exactly like something Gramma would have said.

All this to say, that the constant hunger I managed to by-pass with my famous cleanse has come back with the vengeance of a spurned wife! OUCH. I am afraid. Very afraid.

I just fought the Devil himself and now He sends his little brother to taunt and torment me. With, of all things, my other FAVORITE thing in the world-FOOD. I'm doomed. Doomed to never see a size 8 on a label, doomed to constant treasure hunts to the kitchen cupboard and fridge, doomed to constant cravings, usually of the sweet and fattening kind. Doomed I say, doomed.

But I do keep trying...................God Bless me.

Like this morning.

I thought I would try my hubby's routine for breakfast for a change since he swears that his morning concoction of porridge, banana, walnuts, Chilean raisins and brown sugar "holds" him until lunch. "Sticks to your ribs M," says he. I ate a bowl at 7am. Actually enjoyed it. I went to work at 9:30. Ribs feeling "stuck to". Good.

11:oo: Hunger pang. Gave in, and ate. Not too bad though. Just yogurt and blueberries and 5 mints.

11:15. Hunger pang. Yikes. Held it off until 12:30. Ate 10 mints.

12:30 Ate BIG lunch. AHHHHHH.....satisfaction. Belly full.

2:30 Ate 10 mints. (would have eaten 10 cookies too had they been anywhere in sight)

Now 4:07. Thinking of BIG supper.



  1. Stupid little brother of the devil! I hear your pain and it's not just related to quitting smoking. Haven't been able to run much because of these d*&% blisters and hunger is filling the void usually filled with endorphins. I'm sitting here with a glass of red wine and a pile of crackers and hummus. Good news is I just bought new running shoes so hopefully soon blisters will be a thing of the past...just like smoking. Love you! Sista-in-law xx

  2. just remember HOW you've earned each and every little blister and bask in the glory of having crossed that finish line.......whilst eating that peofiterole (I hope its a profiterole) PLEASE tell me it is!