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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fido....jump Fido....sit Fido.....STAY. Good Fido.

2 days sans patch.

I can honestly tell you it doesn't creep into my thoughts EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of every single day anymore. That has to count for something.

Thankfully, right now, my days are full of work and home. Period. No brainer.

My triggers are all social. The next dinner party complete with fine red wine and great food, the next casino jaunt with my pal C, (who smokes), the next time I go "home" to a family of smokers (ugh). These events haunt me. I have no willpower when faced with my guilty little pleasures. The things I love-I truly LOVE.

As a child, I would not merely kneel on the ground making neat little mud pies, taking care not to soil my clothing. NO NO. I was the kid lying on the sidewalk, hand immersed to my elbows in the gucky muck, feeling its texture and wetness, taking in its earthy odor, waiting for it to dry and cake onto my skin.....enjoying every facet of that dirt. See? Go Big Or Go Home. I haven't changed....much.

The real question is Can you teach an old dog new tricks?????

Time will tell. Today, Wednesday September 15th, I will not smoke. i hope.

*thanks for the support J and C, it means the world to me.


  1. YES, you can teach an old dog new tricks. It's a case of having to retrain your pleasure impulses. I CLEARLY remember when I couldn't imagine having a meal with girlfriends and not following it up with a smoke, clearly! However, now I prefer a couple of glasses of really good wine. Those pleasure impulses are trying to get the better of you, you must replace them with something else like a glass of vino. Also exercise and smoking are not really compatible so if you manage to get outside and do a walk-run 2 or 3 times a week and get those endorphins kicking in, you may feel less like polluting your healthier feeling bod. Good luck, you're doing great and we're all rooting for you! xx NOTE: I hate to tell ya but to get those endorphins to kick in, you really must to something very aerobic, so start googling walk-runs! xx

  2. Walk-RUNS!!!! oy........... Phil came home today and I think was shocked when I asked him to walk with me tonight. Maybe I can save the aerobic part of exercising to the boudoir???? Does that count?????? THAT I can do. (lol ;)

  3. I'm not listening, I'm not listening.... Seriously, I don't think the endorphins kick in during that particular aerobic activity. Walk-runs are a GREAT way to discover the natural high and to fast-track fitness. Try it!!!!!