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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Le plus ca change.......

Whoa, it's been forever since I've put thoughts to paper, so to speak.

I've been enjoying a relative sense of peace and all-round well-being since the New Year. The smoking addiction is officially dead-I wouldn't even if I could now. Even if I was given just 6 months to live, I wouldn't light up. It repulses me. I've managed to keep my weight at a steady 5 to 7 pounds over my "goal" weight. That elusive magic number, remains elusive if attainable with much more denial than I am ready to suffer. But I am careful and have given up the wonderful gluttony enjoyed at Christmas. It helps that my partners in crime have left the building. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE PEOPLE.

Work is going great. I love my job. I would do it for free if I had to. Yep, really. I get to meet the most inspirational people and feel like every once in awhile we make a real difference in someones life. Need I say more? I'll never be wealthy in the pocketbook, but I am a very rich woman if measured by the warm-fuzzies I get on almost a daily basis. My heart-bank is full up.

Life at home is good too. One of my nearest and dearest friends and I have this quirky little saying "Thank God for our boring, little lives". To us, this means that we are happy. Not too many high-highs nor low-lows. Keeping it real. I am looking forward to a possible holiday in Portugal again this summer. Talk about warm fuzzies. That place touched a part of me and I need to return, I wasn't quite finished savouring it......

My children remain my greatest source of pride as well as concern. 2 seem to be well on their way, but let's just say that one needs a little more time in that oven which is life.....not quite 'done' yet, I'm afraid. You'd think we'd have that recipe down pat by now....that would be way too easy though, wouldn't it?

Thanks for reading. I've really missed writing, it feels good.

Talk to you soon.

THE NEXT DAY: Well, well, well, I should have waited until tempting the fates with 'my boring little life' talk......Life as it does, came a knocking yesterday and threw my boring little life on its ass. Gotta BIG decision to make now. You gotta love life and the way it keeps you guessing. I'll fill you in when I know more. (Don't ya just love a mystery?)


  1. I have been waiting for your next post and what an awesome post :) I aspire to such a place of positivity!

  2. Big decision? oh boy, do tell!

  3. Jenn, I should know more by Monday. I will tell. All. I always do ;)