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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMnnnnnnnnn cream puff...................

February.  The third.  Already.

I was good.  Emphasis on the WAS.  I went to the gym 3/times a week for 2 weeks straight.  IN A ROW, PEOPLE!  2 WEEKS.

I even dragged an innocent along with me.  THAT was fun.  Poor C hadn't "jogged" ever-and she thought I was going gangbusters!  ME.  Gangbusters.  BRUHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.  Fooled her.

Going to Montreal to see my peeps for a week.  Gonna eat Mama's cooking-and every other living relative will show me how much they love me by having me over for dinner.  Hmph.  Cannot wait.  No, seriously, I cannot wait.  

Funniest thing.  My 80 year old mother has started swimming and doing 1 hours worth of exercise every morning in her condominiums "gym" and "pool" area.  "Bring your bathing suit!"  says she.  "We can go together every morning, won't that be fun?"  Yeah, like me bringing the bathing suit and wearing it out in publics gonna happen.  NOT.  I think it will conveniently be forgotten.  Oh darn.

Now, why didn't I inherit Moms discipline gene instead of my Nonna's big boobs and love of food one??????  Not fair.

I am planning to go to the gym tonight. 

After I eat the custard-filled cream puff my boss just brought in for me. 

Some things just never change...........

Au revoir, a bientot!


  1. I'm here via Christine's blog! Love your writing.

  2. Have a good visit with your folks. Love the writing. Found you via Christine's blog.

  3. thoughts....

    Not taking that suit with you sounds a little like self sabotage.......take one, head out with your mother and swim, and enjoy the food you eat later. Otherwise you'll feel guilty for eating that great food that Montreal is known for.

  4. My two cents....

    Taking your swim suit is an easy thing to do for yourself; dismissing it outright is my type of self sabotage. Why not take it with you, swim with your ole mum and then feel good about eating all that great food that Montreal is known for? Otherwise you've already talked yourself into something you are going to feel guilty about...

  5. weird...I posted the same comment two different times and it hasn't shown...

    I hope you had a great time in Montreal, and I hope you took your swimsuit with you, or your runners at least!


  6. Jen, Yep. Took it. Took the runners. Did the gym once-went to the spa once IN A SWIMSUIT. (ugh ugh ugh) Ate me face off. Exercised once. Felt huge, giant-like amongst the little Morins.......But have a goal. Wedding in September-gonna see another look of surprise on their faces next time.......sigh. Will tell all in next blog. STILL cannot get to yours. Maybe send invite to my other e-mail adress. (ask c) ta for now.

  7. WELCOME Sher!

    Thanks for the comment. Any friend of Kik's well.......bienvenue, a bientot!

  8. FYI - Jen, Marge has comment verify set up; so she reviews each comment before allowing them to be posted. That's why you didn't see it posted.